[Done 2.7] Improve Sample Sync With Button

Sample sync could be improved by adding a button where once you sync a sample at the desired length, you can set the resulting basenote and finetune with a single click.

Often with synced samples, I still want to flop octaves around, but I am required to disable sync to do this.

I can get the destination basenote and finetune from the tooltip, then type or slide each value to get it to sync with the current bpm, but it would be easier if there were a single button to do this.

An example I am facing now is I am using a loop I made at different octaves. I am currently at 84bpm, but am going to change it to 90, requiring I manually change the bn/ft values. If the button existed, it would be a much more simple matter.

Alternately, the sync feature could be modified so C-4 is the is basenote which plays the sample synced, and all other notes are relative, but that would probably screw everyone up :P

Sometimes I enjoy using synced loops at 5ths as well :)

This idea = awesome!

+1, protman.

Perhaps a simple checkbox could be added to offer the alternate mode of sync for the C-4 relative syncing? Or the sync checkbox could be modified as a dropdown with Off, Sync, and Relative?


big ass +1!! B)

plus ones

Definitely. Would be nice if it had a pattern command as well, or at least automation, so you can trigger it after changing if you change tempo in the song.

In fact it would be nice to have access to all the Sample Properties but guess that’s another thread really…

Still +1 here though.



Good idea.

BTW it would be perfect to have option like in Reaper where you can preview synced sample with sync on/off.