[done 3.1 b4] Pattern Split

Any chance we could get a pattern split option implemented??

I would absolutely love this. Most missed feature for me. There’s an old plugin that can (could? not sure it works in 3.x) split patterns into n number of equal lengths patterns, but I really need a “split pattern at line” command, because I tend to use a lot of different time signatures, and sometimes my patterns might not even end/start on the barline when I’m done fiddling with it (because of how much a hassle it is to bulk edit without a split pattern function).

Hey guys that’s script working good in 3.1
Just try search))))



It’s better than nothing, but it’s no “split pattern at current line” function…


Actually, I’m an idiot. I’ve had this plugin installed for ages, but never before tried it out:


It both has a “repeat current pattern contents 2 times, making it twice as long” function (PDub) and a “split pattern at current line” function (PCut).

Sadly, it doesn’t deal with automation, but that’s okayish. Better than nothing.

Still would want a native solution that also retains automation properly.

Thank you very much for implementing the pattern split option. It’s a simple, but very powerful tool.

In this context, I’d like to revert to an older suggestion of mine. When experimenting with block loops to detect interesting segments of autoseek samples, it would be really useful if the pattern could be split into fractions of block loop sizes too. For the sample segments to be arrangeable in a convenient way, the particular sample should be subdivided by slice marker sections, so that after a pattern split every generated pattern fraction automatically triggers the slice which corresponds to the respective block loop in the non-split counterpart of the pattern.

Perhaps an easier implementation of this could be achieved if there were an option to auto-slice samples not only on 0-crossings, but also into block loop sizes, beats and fractions of beats.