[done again] Multisample Basenote Issue

Dunno if this has already been covered here, but I might be stupid since I didn’t really understand that discussion. Might just be tired. Nevermind… Point is; Been working with rather huge multisamples these past few days and got into this little situation:

You have a multisampled XRNI with 3 samples in it, 00, 01 and 02. Now, you’ve already pressed “generate drum kit” in the instrument editor so each sample has been given a note on the keyboard, and the basenote for each sample has been changed so each sample is at standard value. Here’s the thing: the snare on sample 02 needs to be brighter. You change the basenote from D4 to B3. Now we’re good.

The problem:
I need a 4th sample in there. I put it in and press “Generate Drum Kit”. Samples placed correctly on the keyboard again. Even the sample 02 I adjusted to be higher, that now is too low again.

What I’d love to see:
When pressing “generate drum kit” is pressed, the basenotes ARE changed, but those I’ve changed manually to adjust pitch as I desire, will adjust BASED on my previously made changes, so the pitch won’t get all wrong again. :)

Thats just about the Beat Ruler with Multisamples…

But I agree with your post. The DrumKit assignment should be a bit more clever…

What about some way of recording changes made to basenotes in the multisamples, then rearranging them only if the position/key of the sample has changed or a sample has been added before the one I just changed basenote for?

sagosen: I made some similar suggestions about generating drumkits (basenotes and stuff) here: https://forum.renoise.com/t/automatic-drumkit/16402

But if you then just play around with the base notes (without remapping samples or adding/removing samples) wouldnt you then expect that hitting “Generate Drumkit” fixes your base notes?

I must admit though that your case will happen a lot more often, so its OK to change this as you proposed and ignore this case?

Judging by the posts in ermi’s topic more people than me would find it very useful to leave altered basenotes unchanged when pressing Generate Drumkit the second time.

But, I definetly see your argument, as resetting the samples can be useful. But I’d recommend adding a second button next to Generate Drumkit called “Fix Basenotes” or “Reset Basenotes” perhaps for your described usage.

Button or checkbox?

I was originally thinking checkbox, then button as I typed I posted it and now I’m thinking checkbox again.

maybe there should be a radio button to choose if there should be a button or a checkbox?

(sorry, didn’t resist :rolleyes:)

Ermis “Suggestion 2” seems to perfectly solve this without adding any buttons or switches:

When adding new samples to a Drum Kit Instrument, the new sample automatically gets added to the kit, while not touching the other samples base notes.

Pressing “Generate DrumKit” will then (as its now) always reset the base notes and split map, so you can easily rest the map this way.

So we should simply do this, or?

Well, I’m (still) for it. :) To me it would solve two biggest annoyances of the drumkit:

  1. having to press the “generate drumkit” everytime a sample gets added
  2. messing of the basenotes

The non-buttoned solution is great!

Another the thing for me is that I have to change the order of the samples on the keyboard quite often, I do this by moving the sample to its place with the mouse and clicking “generate drum kit”, pushing the samples after the one I’ve just moved down one note. Maybe just dragging and dropping should be enough to relocate samples on the keyboard when in “auto drumkit-mode”? This is pretty much the behaviour of Battery, only there the samples were switched, which I found annoying as I wanted to group the samples.

Love the new b5 behavior. One thing that’s bothering me now though is that if I remove a sample out of the instrument later on, I have to rework the track.

This is still not the final version, tho. See here.

What do you mean exactly with this? Re-mapped notes?
The current behavior (b5) for samples with default basenotes is different than in 1.8. If you switch the samples from one slot to another or if you remove a sample… the keyboard mappings will be tied to the sample slot, not to the sample as in 1.8.
I was slightly more in favor of the new way, but I haven’t used this enough, so I’m not that sure anymore. It can lead to some complications once you have the notes laid down… nothing major tho.
edit: And on the other hand it gives you some more flexibility, since swapping between sample slots actually does something.

I think this would require some toggle parameter to decide what behavior should be done when moving samples because a user can either mean two situations:either he wants to move or swap the sample with a different slot and take along all properties including basenote or the user wants just to move the sample but leave the basenote for that sampleslot intact.
i could think both situations may be applicable for various samples.

Yeah, a switch could also be a solution, like a checkbox to enable the “auto” behavior or to keep it like it was in 1.8. (As long as it’s remembered when you restart Renoise.)

I don’t think you can have an elegant auto mapping feature and maintain mappings when removing samples both at the same time. Unless I missed something…

Yes its a good idea. One click fewer and a instandly generated drumkit.

Maybe its possible to add a graphic sign on the virtual renoise keyboard, where is the basenote of the selected sample and its possible to move the basenote sign with the mouse ?



Wouldn’t it be maybe “enough” to only autoassign a new note when adding a sample at the end of the sample list? Aka you load a new sample to an existing drum kit.

All other operations like swapping/deleting samples should simply make sure that the song still sounds the way it did, should not autoupdate/touch the map.

I don’t really like that extra button solution. If we cant decide what the right way is, how could the user decide that without haven’t read this whole topic?

“Wouldn’t it be maybe “enough” to only autoassign a new note when adding a sample at the end of the sample list? Aka you load a new sample to an existing drum kit.”

would be the perfect solution.

I think that would be fine.