[Done B3] Sample Keyzones - Peculiar Selection/Drag Behaviour

I’m starting this topic in Bugs because it feels like the Sample Keyzone editor should work like this…but doesn’t.

1 Instrument, 5 Samples. Auto-generate drumkit. In Sample Keyzones, select multiple samples using shift+click or ctrl+click. Click to drag entire selection left or right on the grid - NOPE! Only the sample you clicked on gets moved; the rest are left behind. Like I said, it feels like this behaviour should exist, but it doesn’t.

ALSO, when Sample #3 is selected (for instance), clicking/dragging Sample #2 should change the selection to Sample #2 and move that around. Sadly, this doesn’t happen - you have to click Sample #2 once to select it, then again to drag it. This is unintuitive and runs contrary to the way, for instance, sample order in ‘Instrument Settings’ or instrument order in the instrument list can be changed by dragging.