[done b5] further vertical resize of instruments vs folders please

To begin with, IMHO I believe the far right of the interface is flipped, devices and folders should be in the upper most pane, instruments/samples should be in the lowermost but I’ll get used to it. Indeed my hunch is that it’s how it is for familiarity over left to right / top down logic but hey this is probably just my subjective opinion.

We can resize vertically so the device/folder browser takes up the majority of the right quadrant of the screen but as far as I can tell we can not resize so the sample/instrument list takes up the majority of the right quadrant.

Since this much work has gone into realizing the request to make the interface elements freely resizable, and the root of that request was so that we could see more of the sample/instruments list would it be much trouble to allow us to drag down further so the sample/instruments list takes up almost that entire right quadrant? We can already drag up almost all the way so we only see the device/folder browser and barely 2-3 instruments so I’m not sure why it couldn’t be resizable to that extent the other way around.

Abstract concept to describe in words so attached is a screenshot/mockup of what I’m going for here.


Thought it already worked like that. I dont see why it couldnt be done until final release.

you +1 so I think you follow me but - it works almost like that, except you can’t drag the sample/instruments quadrant any larger than it is in the first screenshot. Try it yourself and you’ll see - that’s as far down as you can drag the bottom of the sample/instrument browser. You’re still stuck with 1/3 of the right side of the screen dedicated to a device/folder browser

ping… is this going to be just how it is in the 3.0 final?

Not the end of the world… but unless it’s just wonky on my display it seems awkward that the sample/instruments panel can not be expanded to take up more vertical space than it does there as depicted in my first screenshot. I don’t really need to see that much of the file system browser below it and many times would like to dedicate that whole right column so I see just the instruments used in the song - NOT for browsing the file system for new instruments/songs/samples or “other”.

Hope this makes sense.