[done] Capture Instrument In 2.5 & Ignore Auto BeatSync

Ok first of all, 2.5 is absolutely awesome, congrats to Edouard and the crew for this massive new release and in fact the only thing missing is a new splash screen ^^

Question about the “capture instrument” function. Where has it gone? its driving me NUTS :P

Also, Renoise still cannot recognize my breaks when working on 170bpm dnb, it systematically will put 32 for a 64 and 64 for a 128 working in 8 lpb. This is not a new issue, here are some breaks for you all to try out.

If you would have participated at least some bit during the alpha stages, you would have resolved that problem long time ago…

I’ve added a new option “Autoset “Sync” Values” to the WAV import preferences now
-> Preferences -> Files -> Wav Import

You can completely disable the “auto-guessing” with this option then…