[done] Capture Instrument in Scopes

It is already mentioned as no-bug, but I’m very confused why it has been changed in functionality… :(
Imagine this workflow with the current ‘Capture Intrument option’ switched ON:

  1. you have a song with a lot of instruments.
  2. You create a new instrument and compose a new track.
  3. You tweak the sound a little bit with some nice envelope in the instrument-editor.
    Imagine you want to edit the sound of another track that you hear now…
  4. So you select the track you hear to play in solo (right mouse).
    With the latest changes of the ‘capture instrument’-option you have to do this:
  5. Switch back to the pattern-editor.
  6. Find the right track and place your cursor in the track that you hear…
  7. Goto the instrument-editor.
  8. Tweak.
    :panic: Otherwise it was just:
  9. Tweak (because you’ve had already selected the track with the mousclick to solo it).

As second: I’ve f*cked up a so many nice sounds because the instrument where you were working on is not the right one. In the previous version (which I’ve tried as demo) it was never a problem. It also helped improving composing speed.

What is the reason for this, excepting principles (that it does not belong to other editors except the patterneditor…)? It WAS a really nice option and I don’t believe other people suffered from the previous functionality. Perhaps you can put back the old behaviour and move this option into preferences to make it more a global option.

BTW: Renoise RULES, otherwise I wasn’t writing this!!!

You can also go to the mixer and click the track you want to tweak in.
You always have to find the right track anyway, this simply cannot be avoided, but the mixer can give you quicker access to it because it shows more tracks on a horizontal scale and one click is sufficient to focus on the track.

honestly, I understood what you meant only by reading what Vvoois wrote, so if I misse dwhat you meant, it’s because of Vvoois :)

Anyway, you can also select tracks by clicking on the name of the track into the oscilloscopes view

Thanks for your response!

That is it indeed, I certainly use the oscilloscope for navigating the tracks, also in the instrument-editor (I never use the mixer, because it is too far ‘away’ from the pattern-editor. BTW you already have a track volume/gainer as volume mixer per track).
I’m really wondering how many people use multiple instruments per track. Only in that case it makes sense to say that ‘capture-instrument’ is only a pattern option. If you use just a single instrument per track - which makes sense because you have the effects too per track - 'capturing instrument 'is a basic functionality in track navigation. Just see the track as an object that is controlling its instrument.

If we go on that tour, you forgot what the scrollwheel does when hovering above the scopes…
Rightclick still solo’s the track in 1.8, if you ofcourse click somewhere else in the scope instead of the trackname.

I think Bantai means that the “cursor” was also internally set to the track in the pattern-editor at the same time and thus also captures its instrument (if you had switched it on); which was very nice offcourse. So when you go back to the patter-editor after editing the instrument, with the old behaviour of ‘capture instrument’, the edit-cursor was already in the good track!

Changed that back to the old behaviour. This was not meant as a feature, but just got introduced by mistake.

Thanks a lot! :walkman: