[done] Center The I-beam Cursor

When the mouse cursor in Renoise turns to I-Beam. the cursor’s point is at the top of the I-Beam, instead of being at its center, like in any other Windows application.

I am not sure how it is on Mac and Linux, but I always find myself clicking the wrong pattern when I come to rename it.
In the below screen, the pattern labeled “Hard” will be selected, instead of the one below it.

But when you have this I-beam, you can clearly see a blinking cursor in the spot that you doubleclicked to edit.
Does not mean that the pointer does not need to be centered with that icon, but how can one make such a mistake when one knows what he/she wanted to change in the first place?

True. So what happens, you double click, notice that you have the wrong field, press escape, then move your mouse and double click a little lower.
This happens to me a lot.

Is the I Beam also centered on linux/mac? Or only on windows?