[Done] Changing Registration Data

Hey there Renoise-Community,
I finally bought Renoise for my birthday which was on the 23rd.
Now, I am almost raging because my dad was so creative to type in HIS
data, making it hard for me looking at Renoise everytime.
You know, looking at someone else’s account owners and licensee I should get
is pretty, how should I put it, damn wrong.

I beg you now: Is there a way to change all that? I would really appreciate that.

See you. :)

Hi Skelpolu,

I think it would be best if you fill in the form you can find here: http://www.renoise.com/contact

This will let you directly contact the Renoise-team.

Good luck!

Yeah, I was a bit upset and unable to think that far, haha.
Thanks for the tip. :)

@Skelpolu: Check your email. I’ve just replied to your support ticket. Let’s handle things in email from now on. I’ll close this thread :)