[done] Highlight Every Xx Blocks Suggestion(s)

It took a while to find this feature, but damn, just what I always wanted but never knew it.

One problem is that, in my many quests for four/four, I start with a very large intro pattern of say 100, then follow with some 40 length patterns that I need to keep track of, then i’ll throw in two 80 patterns, then back to 40…

Can we get an offset? Like, a “Start highlighting at sequence xx?” The highlighting would span from there, in front of and behind.

This could also be done with “Highlight every xx lines” i.e. a “Start highlighting at line xx?” for the odd time signature people, perhaps?


Ah yeah, good point. That is certainly an issue.

Maybe as well as doing this we could have feature in the pattern sequencer, that tells us how many lines there are on a particular pattern…

Since intro patterns are quite common here this feature would make sense to me.