[Done] Idea: Split Track By Velocity

I’m a total noob with Renoise so I hope I haven’t missed anything obvious but I can’t see any velocity switching. I figured that if there was a tool to split a track into two (or more) based on velocity then you could relatively easily achieve velocity switching. ie, 1- load two (or more) instruments sampled at different velocities, 2- record/program your part, 3- use Velocity tool to split the track(s), 3- use Convert Instrument Numbers to send each track/layer to the appropriate instrument, 4- use mixer/sends etc to shape the layers, notes etc.
Does this tool exist or is anyone working on one?

It doesn’t exist yet, however there is a split-tool that does this based on notes and instruments. It looks like this can be very easily expanded to add another option to base splitting on velocity values as well:

Yeah, adding velocity splitting was easy.
Download the attached modification.

I shall inform fladd of the change, he can then decide whether to put up the new version on the tools page or not (he still remains the author).

Hi there,

looks like a pretty straight forward modification, so it should work as expected.
It is a nice addon and will update my tool. Thanks vV!

Brilliant! I’ll try it out straight away!

update plz

Soon, soon…