[done] Live Triggering - multiple patterns

Would be nice to set up a few more patterns for live triggering , the order in which they are triggered ( patt8-> patt 3–> patt 5->patt 2->etc …and how many times they will loop …
Record all this in external wave editor and we can arrange our song live on the fly

Also thought of this, but what do you then do when you did a mistake, how do delete accidently queued sequences? Also the order of the to be played sequences should somehow be visible, which gets easily a big mess in the tiny sequencer then…

Let’s say shift+LMB queues a position - then shift+RMB could remove it?

2 digits would be enough (> for the pattern that is next up, 1 for the pattern after that, and so on)?

Any particular reason that this (arranging song on-the-fly) isn’t already possible?
I can only think of the combination of short patterns and high tempo…

I think this is stuff for the arranger stuff… 2.2 or even 2.5 (perhaps even 3.0)…

I agree.

Yeah maybe your right , but this new triggering feature has wanted me for more ( just as an inbetween appetizer and I think it’ll be a fun and a creative tool …
But indeed the best thing is to wait / and incorporate these features ( if they’ll make it ) in the pattern arranger .

This is very intriguing to me, mostly because it’s just a kind of meta pattern arranger, which is far simpler to imagine in terms of UI.

I don’t think the queue would have to be very long. For my purposes, i’d be happy with a cap of 10 patterns, and the queue wouldn’t need to be linear. It could simply be a bank of patterns for you to switch between, so when you click on another pattern in the bank, the current will play to end, then switch to the new pattern. You could have a “bounce” behavior too, where after the new pattern you chose has played, it will return to looping the previous one. For a queue of 10 patterns you could map each to the number keys and have shift/alt/ctrl modifiers for bounce, loop and sequential play. Multiple banks could also be stored, so you have several sets of 10 patterns (running with the keyboard, perhaps mapped to the numpad?) 100 patterns is a pretty good selection to have available at your fingertips at any moment. Of course midi control of this “pattern matrix” would be a must. I can just picture playing sets from a midi pad controller.

A shortcut for a new track would be to simply take the pattern sequence in the sequencer and make it so the pattern matrix 1st row contains the 1st 10 patterns, 2nd row holds the next 10 etc. It’d be nice and intuitive to know that numpad 9 takes you to the 10 last patterns in your song, while numpad 0 takes you to the first.

Hello photoshop ;D

A small bump for this, as this is done in Beta 3 now. As said here: http://www.renoise.com/board/index.php?showtopic=20441 there currently is no extra visialization for this. Is this still useful? I’m unsure, especially because no one will ever use this if he hasn’t followed this topic.

Yes, I think the feature is useful.

Some visual feedback would be nice though.

i like this too,works really good,but again some sort of visualization for this would be great,but it already works great now.

first of all: i love this new feature :wub:
especially that you can trigger more than one pattern by holding the shift key.
I thought about how we could easily visualize the order of triggered patterns.
I tried to do a mockup, but I failed, so I’ll try to explain it:

  1. let’s say we divide the blinking animation of the trigger-pattern-icon into 10 frames: 5 frames light color, 5 frames dark color (should look like it is now).

  2. when you trigger a pattern while another pattern is currently playing the icon will blink (like it is now).

  3. when you trigger another pattern while the first one is still playing and your first triggered pattern is still blinking the animation for the next triggered pattern will be delayed one frame.

  4. when you proceed to trigger more and more patterns (up to 10) each icon animation will be initially delayed by one frame so that you can see the order in which they where triggered

I hope I could explain this as clear as I can see it with my mind already…

yes. that could work
or, integrate some sort of numbering system… 1,2,3… if possible.

what I’d like to see, now that this live triggering is turning out so good,
is an additional dedicated LIVE tab/view, so the whole window could be filled with LARGER live controls, instead of seeing the pattern editor to the right. maybe something for the future?

edit: and, more importantly - will it be possible to also use keyboard shortcuts instead of shift+click trigging?
ctrl+space for single pattern trigging works great, in a live setting it would be awesome to have a no-mouse enviroment.

yep , love it
Been brainstorming for a visualisation workaround …it’s not that easy

Visualisation with order numbers in the icons is a pretty good idea.
Still, how to deselect a queue-number and how this should be treated is a different story.

i guess, when you made a mistake by queueing a wrong pattern you’ll have to start over.
we could also “de-queue” a queued pattern by holding CTRL+SHIFT while clicking on it.

i wanted to say that i was wishing and hoping for this feature since 2.1 beta came out, and i didnt say anything to the community. Now, seeing that some people have asked for it, and it has become a reality is really really exciting me! I guess i should speak up more, because in renoise, not only do you get a great piece of software, but incredible developer feedback.

back to the conversation… I think, like someone said here earlier, if you had a numbered system so you could see which patterns are playing, that would be great. the cap could be sixteen and it could just be numbered in hex to make things easier. I like the idea of being able to have some visual feedback, as well as being able to “de-queue” patterns. Really i would like to be able to be thinking a few patterns ahead, to keep me from freaking out when playing live.

Also, on a related, and yet unrelated topic- I’ve got an old echo indigo DJ card with two stereo outs. It would be GREAT if there was a way to route instruments in specific patterns to another output (i would be “cueing” sounds with the 3/4 stereo out on the indigo dj card) so that you could listen to whatever you might be programming on the fly in a pattern thats cued up to play after the currently playing pattern, and have the output of those sounds your programming not go out on the “main” channel.

Essentially i wanna hear what im programming on a separate audio out so that i know what it’ll sound like, but i dont want those sounds to come out over the speakers in the club…

does this make sense? :P

The queuing feature is really cool. About visualization - I also think a numbering scheme would be best. Colour coding might also work - like making the “dark” blinking color a different color for every number (1: blue, 2: green, 3: red, or grayscales, whatever). Queued patterns would blink between “color” -> “white”. But that might confuse more than it helps. One would have to try.

From initial tests, it looks like there’s no limit to how many sequences could be queued, Am I wrong ?

How about if the queue pointer is inverted (pointing to the left) to indicate that this is the last queue ?

Minute observation… if I have pattern follow on and queue a set of sequences, I might accidentally queue a different sequence when the pattern sequencer shifts.

Just visualizing some mentioned problems…

Using hex as an example to number trigger order.

0x3 means 1st triggered patten looped 3 times.
1x4 means 2nd triggered pattern looped 4 times and so on.
[#] are pattern sequences.

1x4 [0] now playing
2x2 [1]
4x1 [9]
3x2 [5] oops I made a mistake, I meant to trigger pattern 9 twice
0x3 [4]
Ax1 [2]
5x2 [1]
7x3 [6]
8x5 [12]
9x2 [11] decoupled view (pattern follow is off)