[done] Move This Effect To The Most Left/right In The Signal Chain

Hi there,

I’m recently working with Renoise Beta 6 and I must say you did hell of a job. Thank you for this great piece of software!

The one thing I miss is that I can send DSP-effects to the first (most left) or last (most right) position in the chain with just one click. I’d suggest adding this funtionality by middle clicking on the [<] or [>] button of the DSP effect that has to be moved.

I searched the forum for someone else who might has suggested this earlier, but I didn’t find anything like that.

Thanks for your effort. I hope this doesn’t count as a “new big feature suggestion” ;)

Greetz and keep it up,

Bantai, you’re right. I didn’t think about that.

However I’d also agree doing the “move effect to most left/most right” thing by left clicking on the arrows while holding a key (e.g. CTRL or ALT).

I’d use the mixer page for resorting, much easier to drag the effects around.

Agree, sometimes it’s very needful.
Maybe assign this action to right mouse button click on [<] or [>] ?


+1. Useful suggestion.

Thanks! Can’t await the next beta release to see how it works out.


Nice addition.

Wow! Thanx for adding this.