[done] Netbook Support (small screen support)

Something I’d love to see is Netbook support. Since Renoise already supports Linux, this basically boils down to supporting an awkward fullscreen resolution.

1024x600 (on all modern Netbooks). Just 178 pixels short of the current spec’d Linux limit of 1024x768.

These are wonderful little computers. Extremely lightweight (1 kg/2.2 lbs), small, current ones powered by a 1.6 GHz Intel Atom CPUs (32bit x86 Chip, Hyperthreaded, SSE and all that), WIFI, and with Solid State or standard Hard Drives. Perfect for around the house, surfing, e-mail, and potentially tracking too. :D

Of course, many come with Windows XP too, but the cool part is Linux. ;)

Not to mention, cheap.

Here in Canada and in the US, it’s a mere $329 for a Linux based Aspire One. That comes with an 8 GB SSD, an incredibly bright LCD, and features a pair of SD slots for easy disk space upgrading. And again, thanks to WIFI, you could technically offload a large sample archive on another PC.

Some notable Netbooks worth considering.

Acer Aspire One: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aspire_One
Asus EEE PC 900, 1000: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eee_PC
MSI Wind: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MSI_Wind_PC
Dell Mini 9: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dell_Mini_9


As mentioned elsewhere:Renoise needs a minimum of 700 pixels in height for the sample recorder dialog and the mixer panel.
They aren’t smaller. The absolute lowest resolution Renoise can currently handle would be 990*700 (that is what you can resize it too).
No smaller.
When smaller, the bottom frame should be left out completely (instead of only hiding it)

Well, I still wanted to suggest it. Weather it can be solved through a “simple mode” that can shave off 100 pixels, or just the understanding that you can’t use feature X or Y (hopefully non essential tracking and arrangement features), it doesn’t matter to me. I just wanted to put forth that there still is a good reason to consider supporting a slightly lower res.

How does Netbook handle Renoise anyway? Besides the resolution.
I just wonder because the CPU power on such devices is usually not that exciting either…

I don’t have one yet, but the plan is to pick one up next week. I’m actually running out to the store for something else tonight, so I’ll sneak some tests in. :P

I’ve already done a number of tests on one my brother picked up (conveniently out of town this week), and found it runs development tools, some OpenGL stuff I’ve been working on, and even Quake 3 well. :D

If you’re lucky Renoise starts, but parts will just fall out of the screen.
If you’re not lucky, Renoise will simply not start.
This depends on what desktop resolution is supported by the Netbook.
The EEE pc supports higher than it offers, but then you have to scroll around on the screen. Some small models do not offer a scrolling desktop option which means, some things are not reachale if they fall outside the visual scope.

i would like it.

where is the problem to fix the resolution like this ?

Sorry for ugly draft, i made it in 4 min.

Lets say you have a hotkey for it. You press it, and the ‘lower Panel’ we know in renoise super-slides over the other ‘upper panel’ on your netbook.

I dont know how many pixel it has, i think it should fit + i think its not that hard to implement, although im no coder.

I don’t know how the behavior is on linux, but there are only 100 pixels to less on netbooks.(mostly 1024x600)
so instead of the sliding thing you have here, you can just drag your mouse down to go to the bottom panels, right?

EDIT: ok, tried it. It doesn’t slide.

+1. I realize it may not be not very easy to add a netbook mode that makes the GUI more compact, but I’m looking into buying one of these netbooks (probably the acer aspire one that was mentioned earlier) and being able to to run renoise properly on it would be awesome.

The CPU on these things is not very powerful, but it should be able to run renoise with a few tracks and effects. Just mangling a loop and adding a bassline while traveling on a train sounds like tons of fun to me.

If it doesn’t work out with renoise, I guess there is always Nitrotracker for my DS :P

The only thing considered could be the whole bottom frame disappears when the mixing or sample editor appears up front.

Ok, finally got one (Woot! $299!). Both Renoise 1.9 and 2.0 Beta4 works stock with an Aspire One, with some obvious screen cut off.

With CPU usage warning disabled, it can play “Chukks2prawniiixe” and “The Path” about 95% flawlessly. There’s a couple skips but it recovers quickly.

“Digging For Gold” is about 70%. At the transition between bars it occasionally trips on itself.

“Ride the Lightning” almost gets halfway through flawlessly, then edges over 100% CPU and stays that way longer than I wanted to wait.

“Life 2.0” was a little rougher overall. It flip flops between too much and just right.

The above all with ALSA, 44100khz, 2048 buffer, and where applicable a periods of 03. At least with a stock Aspire One, Jack didn’t do much good.

So as long as you’re not mastering/going FX crazy, it’s certainly usable for scribbling down tracks.

Just making the pattern editor stretchable in height and not showing the bottom panel when in the mixer,sample editor and instrument editor could work very nice.

I didn’t saw this topic as very interesting.
but since I have a samsung netbook this is changed.

Just installed renoise on it and played some demosongs.
it’s not like a dualcore setup, but it has enough power to toy with some samples on the road.

I can imagine that people would like to see the resolution changed to a min. of 600.
But I don’t know if it’s worth the trouble and how long the resolutions will stay this way on the netbooks.

+1 for the functionality -15 for sliding animation.

The min needed resolution is now 990*550. When the window gets too small to show both, the lower frame and upper frame, Renoise will automatically hide one. Not really comfortable, but…

Is the hidden panel selectable with the view buttons in the upper right? As in, I can hide the upper panel until I need it and then switch?

Nice addition BTW. More portability makes for less lost ideas!

The panel you’ve enabled last will stay active.

“- Graphics card and monitor that supports up to 1024x768 in
16 bit color.”

Still says this in the installer for beta 6, just letting you know :)

Also: THANK YOU! Now I should look into getting an Asus Eee again!

Just like OverCoat said,

Thank you, I might get an eee pc to track in the subway!

It would be cool if it could pop back up when the window gets bigger again.