[done] No More Untitled.rns!


I NEED to get rid of Renoise saving yet unnamed songs always as untitled.rns! I have countless of times opened Renoise, started making music and then hit ctrl-S as reflex just making sure that when Renoise crashes next time, I have something saved. But alas there was a result of my former inspiration saved under untitled.rns and not re-named, due to various possible reasons, one of which is that Renoise has again crashed when making this particular tune so I have lost my nerve and just hit the power button. Or something else that has prevented me to rename it at the moment. So teh new masterpice eats the former and there is no recovering it, and kameleontti changes colour to red.

So why not to make RNS save them untitled#.rns, like untitled1.rns, untitled2.rns, etc, or just prompt for a filename if none is defined, or then ask if overwriting when in different session of composing, or something else that would prevent this disaster of newborn .rns prodigies.

Thank you.