[done] Realtime Volume In Instrument Settings

greets TikTak & friends :)

can you plz make volume act realtime in instrument settings [“amplify” slider] when play part of the sample in sample editor [return key] as it is realtime in mixer or when play full sample on a keyboard?


what I miss much about [enter] playing is that it ignores note delays

You mean it should not ignore note delays and behave as if playing started and stopped for just one line?

yes! exactly!

This used to be somehow the fact in 1.5, but in 1.5 notes with a delay didn’t actually played at all when entered.
So i hope [done] means: when pressing enter it plays the full-house of ticks for that line including any set delays. (or you could hit ctrl+enter to play per tick but i guess that’s too much to ask and not usefull either)

The done was just for the volume in the sampleeditor. ITs wish is something totally different which I cant hack in with a few words.