[done] Sample Editor -> 32nd Isn't Enough For Small Samples!

@ Tak Tik, could you please add 64th & 128th (etc?) in the sample editor snap window?

The new snapping function in the sample editor is the shiznit, been using it a lot on small cut up ‘synced’ beatloops.

Like: for example a snare + highhat portion out of a break equivalent of 6 steps when synced. If the loop isn’t perfectly quantised because of live drumming, you can now snap to 32nd and use fade in fade out to ‘fake’ perfect quantisation (beats get a choppy flavor & loops perfectly without ever going out of tune).

But if a small loop contains triplets or hits that fall in between 32nd snap points, you can’t really ‘quantise’ it with the snap tool. Sure you can manually try to edit it,… but if this is a small hassle to implement PLEASE DO!



plus 1

Get’s my vote.

Mine too!



yes, also for triplets pls (1/8T, 1/16T,…)
just put them down under the regular ones, nobody will be bothered :)

" [done] Sample Editor -> 32nd Isn’t Enough For Small Samples!, IMO"

Yeah, it’s cool to have 64th and 128th.

But anyone interested in triplets?
Just so that we all know what I mean by triplets:

from 8thT to 32ndT would be enough to me.