[done] Sample-prehear In The File-panel

It would be convenient if ‘arrow right’ in File-panel play again the same highlighted sample.
Now to hear multiple times the same sample is possible only with mouse-click.

Agreed, this would also make possible to prehear sample without having automatic preview turned on (I rather do such things manually).

Btw., shortcut to stop playing sample would be also nice. Now, the only way is to use stop button (at least I don’t know any other way). The problem is - this button also stops the song playback or loading sample into sample editor. This is quite annoying when prehearing long samples.

Doesn`t (Esc) stop the sample playing?

Yes but you have to hold esc… with longer samples Renoise doesn’t always respond on -the-fly to it until the buffers are empty. and with the QuickTime library playing the mp3 / aac etc. this may take a bit longer.

Also agreed.

maybe,when you move cursors up or down it should stop playing only long samples?so,you could stop those speech samples,but be able to hear and move quickly through snare collection.

Ah yeah. Sorry, thats right.

Do you guys remember the feature (in Impulse Tracker) that you could play the samples in the filebrowser via the keyboard? Maybe something similar could be done in Renoise if there was a demand for it.


You rule :)

Problem with ESC is, that it also stops loading sample into slot. E.g. I click on a long sample to prehear it, I hear it’s the one I want, I double click it to load it into slot. Now I want it to stop playing, so I could work while sample is being loaded, so I press ESC. Sample stops playing, but it also cancels loading it into slot…

Maybe loading could be cancelled with a ‘cancel’ button on status bar, which would show itself when sample is loading, instead of ESC?

This is a bit too much to ask.
ESC is to cancel any file action currently running including prehear.
Most likely pressing right arrow that has been implemented may work out better (if it also works without the prehear button enabled).
Either you wait until the sample is loaded when you decided to load it during prehear or you shut down the prehear action before loading your sample…

I miss that feature immensely.

Right arrow will really help a lot. But I’m thinking… an option to automatically stop prehearing, if you decide to load a sample (any sample actually, not necessary the one that’s being preheared), would IMO make this perfect. That’s how Reason works, and I think it’s great.

About playing sample with keyboard from file browser - this gets a loud vote from me too!

You know, this are kind of small things and they might seem really thrivial and not important, and for beginners they actually aren’t. But for those of us who really use the program a lot and know how to work with it quickly, such small improvements sometimes means more, than some big new features. It’s all about perfecting the workflow. This is one thing that I love about Reason - it’s so great thought out. And that’s one thing that I hate the most about Fruityloops. With every new version it keeps getting more and more features and synths and everything, but little is done about perfecting the existing features and workflow. It was great at the beginning, but soon it started to annoy me with small things, that are still more or less the same. I think Renoise is very very good in this aspect, but I hope it will get even better in time.