[done] Sample Recording Pattern Sync

In sample recording we have two options. None and Pattern. When we want it to trigger whenever we hit start, we set it to None. When we want it to trigger when a pattern starts playing, we set it to Pattern, which triggers when a pattern starts and stops when playback ends.

Why does Pattern act like None if the song isn’t playing? Shouldn’t it wait until the song starts playing before starting?

I use external gear. A way to “bake” what i do externally is to record it to a sample. In my mind, this is what pattern sync would be ideal for. I’d go to the relevant pattern, open sample recording dialog, set it to Pattern, then just hit Play; the song plays, recording starts, midi notes go out, audio comes back in in perfect sync (thank you asio).

This has bugged me fiercely since 1.8, i guess now is the time to ask for a look at it?

Yes, would be nice.

I talked about this concept in the last beta time of 1.8, but there was no open ear for this idea.

People… don’t… care about this? That boggles the mind, big time.

We changed this in favor to the ability to start/stop recording at any time you want, when the song is not running.

Both is useful. With the currently way you can record without having to start the song, so you can always keep the pattern sync on and decide by playing back the song or not, if you want to have it synced or not.

I can’t help but disagree strongly with this decision, and i’m curious as to the rationale that caused it. There is a toggle between none and sync, and the current behavior overriding the choices i make as a user appears to me as a design flaw, if not downright buggy behavior. I’m not the only one reacting to this.

If i want to record whenever i want, i set it to none. Do i need training wheels here to realize if i want non-synced recording i turn off sync?

As is, to set up pattern synced recording from the first pattern of the song, you are forcing me to make an empty pattern at the beginning, start the song, then hit record. It’s awkward and honestly silly. Are you serious this is a better solution to avoid users forgetting to flip a toggle and being “frustrated” by it?

The current solution compromises the efficiency of the pattern sync option. If anything, you could put a toggle for the current behavior in the preferences menu.

I agree with sunjammer utterly, because i use more external stuff as well and in the middle of a track with long pattern (512) could it be very difficult to capture a loop, that was made with external stuff.

So a sort of “waiting for play” function will be very handy to grab looped parts in a pattern to be very fast available.



Lets lets change the behavior. As the old way is still accessible by not using the pattern sync option, this indeed makes more sense.

dies of happiness

You’re saving me so much frustration man… :)

great, thank you !!!

Wow! i miss that.
Great improvement. Thanx!

Yes!! Excellent!

Maybe another helpful thing in this case would be to have the Pattern Sequence List and the sampler/recording-menue simultaniously in one view (maybe through an option in the sampler). Like it is when switching to the Mixer. This would be helpful if you record more than one pattern; you have always the current pattern in view and can stop the recording to the right time (and have not to trust your ears ;).
Alternatively and even more comfortable, you could enter the amount of the patterns which should be recorded in an inputfield of the recording menue.