[done] SampleEditor Marking Behaviour

Hey Renoise Team,

congratulations to the new release. It gots very usefull features and i´m happy to work with, but i found a bug in the sample editor.

If you record a long sound, than zoom in very close and set a positon with clicking in the waveform. Than, if you mark e.g. the first part of this sound with the key command shift + Pos1. You see only a part of the marked, whole wavefaorm, that you wont to delete. If you delete the first part with backslash or ctrl + x, you only delete the sound that you see, not the whole part that marked sample.
The same problem is with playing in very closed zoom. The marker plays only up to the screen border.

I hope its not a feature… ;)

Thanks a lot for the hard working

“Shift + Pos1” marks the sample only to the visible left area, yes.

I have no problem in changing this though if you all agree…

I’m with Bantai:

Zoom in, set your start marker, then view full sample then press shift-end and see if that quenches your desires…

You have the advantages of marking till the end of the visible scope and marking till the end of the full sample, albeit they require an extra step.

I use the end-range of the visible areas in the following occasions:
I zoom in on a part of a drum loop, i drag the horizontal scrollbar until i have the end of the percussion sample visible on the right frame, then use the shift-end to mark that particular piece and cut it out of the concept.

The snap to zero even makes life a lot easier when still think the mouse is an easier task.

I think it is usefull to mark the whole part, cause if you record anything and locking for the right part and you need only this part is one step more to delete the unused part.
For me, it make no sense to mark or play only what i see.
Soundforge is not holy, its bad to use in compare to wavelab e.g. You must do many things with the mouse not the keyboad and thru that, you are slow.

Software is a tool not a bible.



Done. There are now “Move Cursor to [Visible] Start/End” mappings. [Shift +] Home will go to the samples start/end by default. The others to the visible start/end.