[done] Signal Follower Zero Attack Mode (Lookahead)

Already loving the signal follower, but I would love it even more if it had zero attack mode.

Time to break the unwritten rule and make the first internal effect which introduces latency, it would be worth it :)

It has zero attack mode, but zero attack does not mean zero latency. It has to get some samples for input first before it can respond. So you always have this amount of latency along with it.

Come one, you know what I mean :)

Lookahead mode.

I had some suspicion it might be about that, but…
I think only KraKen can answer that question most correctly…

It is quite fast, but not doing look ahead. anyway 1us i think it’s faster for anyone !

There’s a small trick to shift the signal follower ahead by using the mixers track delays, but this will also shift the whole tracks signal back, not just the SF envelope:

For example:

Track 01 -> SF to Track 02
Mixer -> Track 01: Set a negative track delay

Quite cunning trick ! Now i see the light !!

taktik is one step beyond EVER

A lookahead feature would be very, very useful. If using the signal follower as a ducking device, there’s a few audible MS of attack before the effect kicks in in.

Maybe I’m a perfectionist, but the audible attack makes the device not very useful in some situations.

I can’t get taktik’s trick to make any difference with this problem…

Perhaps PDC should be turned off for this trick?
It however brings up other complications when working with delayed plugins…

No, turning off PDC doesn’t make a difference.

Here, I made a short mp3 demonstrating the problem:


When the kick comes in, listen to the sharp attack that gets through before the signal follower comes in. Pretty bad…

Maybe I’m too obsessive about small details, but without a lookahead mode, the signal follower is unusable for volume ducking in some situations… The attack is far too present.