[done] Strong Focus Default Setting (f8)

Some people find it annoying that clicking on the instruments or sample-list immediately causes the focus to change on that area and that the pattern becomes (partly) incontrollable.
This is the current default.
However when locking the focus to the pattern editor (changable by toggling F8) you will have to explicitely double click on a different area to set keyboard focus to that region.

I personally have lock mode saved as default, but how many people actualy use the Renoise default (no pattern-area lock turned on)?

Using the middle click since 1.8.

I use strong focus enabled and middle click or Ctrl+Tab if I want focus somewhere else. Mostly middle click.
It wouldn’t feel right to me if the focus was shifted everytime I adjust volume with the mouse or something…

I voted for strong focus by default but I see that this setting is remembered after you quit Renoise, so I don’t really care which is the default one.

Not when they’re mostly using the mouse anyway?

I’m completely new to the concept of computerbased recording. A few months at least, and strong focus is right for me. Using the shortcuts to avoid using the mouse is always a good thing when working on computers, and ctrl-tabbing isn’t a hassle if I need to do things I haven’t learned the shortcuts to yet.

I think strong focus + short cuts is the way to keep Renoise as fast as it is advertised to be.

Absolutley agree. Without strong focus I loose focus on the important part; The pattern editor. I like to be able to give strong focus to different parts of the tracker, though.

as a newbie i prefer the strong focus.

as gnute said, anything to stay away from the mouse.

is there a way you can assign different bits to keys like the F1-F4 but for the focus?

There is really no workflow for me with weak mode. Always puzzled. I am so happy to have the strong focus back. ;)
Strong Focus + Ctrl-Tab is working very good.