[Done] Track Number Difference In Track Scope

In previous versions, the Renoise tracks where labeled with numbers starting with 00 and upwards in the Track Scopes. Now in Renoise 2.5 they start with 01 and upwards. What does those numbers really mean? I realized that for me, this was what I was looking at when muting/unmuting tracks. Now, when they’ve changed, I often hit the wrong tracks by mistake. :) Of course I could change the mapping of my tracks, I am just curious why those numbers start with 01 now (if there is a reason) and if they are symbolizing something special?

Did this mainly for the cross track routing. Track names always started counting at 1, so the small destination dropdowns in the meta devices (LFO, Signalfollower and so on) should as well.

Makes sense to change this as well for the keybinding names, but then Numpad 0 no longer works and changing this might result into a bigger drama?

Okay, seems logical.

Well, in my case I will probably assign key 1-9 to track 1-9 and key 0 to track 10 then, but I agree that other might be confused if the defaults are changed. I think they are assigned to Ctrl+numpad originally, but that wasn’t straight forward enough for me. :)

Thanks for the reply! Other than this, all the improvements have really just been straight-forward to me and I’m amazed how much I enjoy working in Renoise again. :)

Thinking about it, I do think changing the keybinding name is a good idea. “Mute Track 0” does not make any sense now. Would be better if it was “Mute Track 1” and upwards up to 32.

Anyone else agree?



Makes no sense anymore to have 0 in keybindings.

They are all assignable anyway so no real problems.