[Done] Unhide The Beta Archives

From this thread.

Basically, we have beta threads archived into oblivion. I linked something only to find out most users don’t have access to it.

I’m not sure the reason. The threads certainly aren’t private. I think it was done because the vertical space taken by the “Archive” category is ugly? Maybe we can solve this with the same layout as “Indamixx”, “Pending Bug fixes” and “(Bug Fix Archive)”?

Or is there another reason?

I don’t see any harm in putting the beta archives in a subforum culture where it is available, yet subtile tugged away.

So. the “read between the lines” question is will anybody stop me if if I do this myself?

I’ll give this thread another 4 hours and assume silence means I’m allowed.


can’t wait until that time is over. more unread posts!

Interpretation problems of the topic title ;)

those 4 hours are over! any progress Conner?

Not yet. I have other real life priorities and a 1 year old. As soon as I have a moment i’ll do it. Probably on the weekend.

you’re kidding, right? :)

ah that’s pretty cool.
i’m just super-excited. access to the beta-archives feels like access to the Vatican library.
probably way over-estimated but who cares.

Don’t count on that the idea that you get access to all beta archives. Only references to the recent archives will be revealed because discussions focusses upon those.

the question is: why wouldn’t we get access to all beta archives? it is not like it is secret stuff or anything, it is just old, but it is history and potentially interesting (at least to me). you’re not saying we need to have a discussion which focuses on a particular part of the archives to get that particular part unlocked, right? that’s like a forum Achievement/Trophy system.

It is done.

thanks a lot.