[done] Where Did Copy Dspchain Go?

Sorry if this question has already been asked.
But I can’t find the copy dspchain button. I guess it’s not there anymore in 1.8 or am I missing something?
Also I am not able to select more than one dsp using ctrl+ left mouse button so I cannot copy multiple dsp’s

you can copy DSP with Ctrl+C or rightclick=>copy.

about multiselection: this doesn’t appear to be possible, but honestly I’m unable to perform this operation on rns1.5 too… ?! :unsure:

Shift+alt+c is copy the whole chain and shift+alt+v is paste the whole chain.
(shift+alt+x is cut the whole chain)
Actually just basic Windows stuff.

Doesn’t work here, not on my desktop or my laptop. When I look at the key preferences those shortcuts you mentioned aren’t there nor are they when using context menu.
Do I overlook something? I have focussed to the dsp’s “area”

There’s no option to select all dsp’s and cut /copy/paste selected or all dsp’s in the context menu.

The only thing that works here is ctrl+x/c/v

Rightclick a mixerstrip (in the mixer) ^^

Nice that worked! Thanks!
But for me it doesn’t make sense that you can’t do this in the dsp area aswell.

The context menus reveil the shortcut keys and options that you can use. If you rightclick upon the DSP area, you will notice that my aforementioned options for DSP chain copy / paste aren’t there.

In some part you are right that it doesn’t seem logical you can’t perform it there, but currently you have the most oversight in the mixer-panel also you can be quicker selective on the majority of plugins visible and drag them including parameters to the other track.
The DSP area itself is completely aimed towards changing single effect aspects only (this includes copy / paste but also only for a single effect).

ah nice i was wondering where this went also!
this had changed my workflow a bit.

i need a little cheat sheet to go in my little clip holder dealy! :D

time to reprint the offline manual!

yeah I have noticed that the mixer makes things a lot more easy to fathom when you have multiple effects… Its great

Nevertheless added those options to the DSP chain as well now…

Major thanks Dude!!!

Great! I’d might get used to the focus on the sections but this is great!