[done] [x] Lcd-backlit-off

most value boxes have light 8’s behind their characters, would be great! if i could turn that off

using a black on white theme there’s no lcd-feeling at all…just can’t read the values right…


What value boxes?

I don’t have 1.8 on this computer, but I definitely haven’t noticed these faux-led characters if it’s true.

the first time I noticed it.
I doubt if it was ment for a LCD effect

I’ve commented on this myself in the past and I do think it’s something which should be removed. It doesn’t really serve any purpose other than a slight (and unnecessary) visual effect.

It doesn’t always show up strongly depending on the theme you are using, but in certain themes it becomes really obvious and it is quite a distraction:

On the left is Renoise (both 1.5 and 1.8), on the right is my cleaned up version which I think would be better.



It’s amazing how one’s brain could be completely oblivious to something until it’s specifically pointed out.

Surely the clarity of the values should be of much higher importance than a tiny amount of visual style? (A style which is pretty futile anyway on something which is 7 or 8 pixels in size). The textured sliders aren’t a big deal at all because they don’t obscure any important information.

Honestly I don’t feel like this pseudo-LCD style adds anything to Renoise’s interface as a whole, but under the right circumstances it can certainly take a lot away from the interface. Making the interface look nice is of course important, but usability and readablity should always be the top priority in my opinion. I don’t think this should be an optional thing that can be changed with the texture/theme, it should just be clear and readable, period. I mean, Renoise is not WinAmp or something, I don’t need to be tricked into thinking I’m looking at the digital display of a hi-fi stereo component. I’m using a software application - the display should be made as clear as possible for this platform.




btw;intersting theme :) thx