[Done] Xy Device Auto Reset

Hi There

I’m really enjoying playing with the XY Device, however the one thing I feel it lacks (or at least, I am not able to figure out) is having setting where ‘Auto Reset’ resets to.

I have set up an XY point at the ‘Repeat’ and ‘Skew’ parameters for the stutter effect which is great fun but I would like to use ‘Auto Reset’, the problem is it resets to the center which puts repeat on 8. Ideally i should be able to set it to ‘left-middle’ for 0,0.

Does that make sense?? :S

Anyone any ideas or suggestions?

Instead of this:

X --> Parameter 1
Y --> Parameter 2

Try this:

X --> Hydra Device 1 --> Parameter 1
Y --> Hydra Device 2 --> Parameter 2

Use the Hydra Device to re-map the minimum/maximum range of the parameter, so that the XY Device’s default center position is now mapped to a useful state in the effect you’re applying.

Hi dblue, thanks for your suggestion (and thanks for your Glitch VST, btw!)

I’m not sure the Hydra device really helps in this situation as in order to get the centre position to relate to 0 on ‘repeat’ I would need to be able to set ‘Min’ (on the hydra device or the XY) to -16 which isn’t possible.

Am I missing something perhaps?

D’oh! No, sorry… seems like I missed something here. I use the Hydra quite often myself for this kinda stuff, so I just kind of assumed it would be possible to tweak something in this way. But you are quite right… it seems like a “Dest offset” parameter would be required here to shift it, in addition to “Dest min” and “Dest max”.

I suggest we can have 5 different kinds of ‘auto reset’:

  1. snap to middle
  2. snap to lower left
  3. snap to lower right
  4. snap to upper left
  5. snap to upper right

looks like a lot of fun… ;)

How about a set snap-point . When you choose it, it sets the first point you release the LMB from the pointer, as the new snapping point.

Oh good, I’m not going mad then!

Yeah I was thinking along the same lines of Ledger’s suggestion.

Maybe just a ‘set reset point’ (or ‘set home position’ or something) button that sets the reset point to whatever position that the controller is currently set to.

I must say though I also like dblue’s Hydra offset ideas also however as they may come in useful elsewhere.

Or, you know, something like middle mouse drag to move the thumb, and when released that becomes its new reset point. I’m imagining a ghost line showing where it will reset to.

Thats quite a nice idea, I notice the ‘point’ is made of 2 circles, perhaps when you middle click the big circle should get set and stay put and then the inner filled circle will seek back to that point, if that make sense. You could potentially, i guess, have a seek speed also so that it can either instantly jump back or slowly travel back.

Ultimate solution!