Don't Do Drugs


Just go and watch, please.

:D :D :D :guitar: :yeah:

that’s right people… don’t do drugs, or you’ll end up making bad overdubs like this and posting them on youtube.

oh come on, you gave the joke away. btw, check the eric clapton one, that is nearly as funny as that one. and then check the santana one, that is even funnier.

Haha, all of that dude’s videos are like that. And they have all made me wet myself in laughter.

The eddie van halen one is the best.

that’s quite possibly the funniest thing i’ve seen in a few months

I actually don’t think it’s that random, the way he really goes with it in terms of going higher and lower on the fretboard and picking the notes in the same moment. There is definately alot of skill involved.

A lot of skill, I agree. I was amazed at how he pulled of the one with Vai in it. But those videos are so damn long. This time I grew tired and listened to some of the real solos (Dimebag really was a great one).

that carlos santana one is just stupid-funny… I came as close to performing a real life “rofl” as I’ve ever come in my life, especially the snares… oh man… hahahaha

the hand clapping brought me to tears. thanks looza. :)

Oh man! The sound when Ozzy pulls his hair. :lol:


thanks haha

Slash one is WEEEE-KEEEED!!

Oh my god, that was fantastic!! :D

Wait a minute. It was overdubbed, right? No wonder. LOL

Sure it’s overdubbed but the original version doesn’t sound that different ;)

Damn the Slash-Clip is also quite funny, I guess you all saw it but this is so great.

Thanks again Looza

Haha… The drums made me ROFL.

Way off topic: Check this out! Awesome tune!

:panic: :panic: :panic:

:blink: :blink: :blink:


:D :D :D :D :D :D :P :P :P :P :P

totally funny. i would actually listen such stuff live in concert.

thx… u made my day…

I think the Santana clip is the best (maybe because I watched it first and you get kind of tired of these clips =). :lol: I especially like the part where the keyboardist starts playing “final countdown” by Europe with this really intense look on his face.