Don't Do Much

Dunno bout this one, uploading it anyway. let me know what you think.

EDIT: errrrr the link???

i really like the shuffle feeling form your hihats and the blippy synths are really effective in accentuating the movement. there are a few moments where it’s a little sloppy, which i pretty sure is purposeful (and i like it). the progress throughout the track is great. this feels almost like something from recent Clark. i’m curious, how much time did you spend on this? it’s an odyssey! great tune :D

well the intro is sloppy, i find recently i’ve been having trouble getting tracks going, then once i do, having trouble NOT having ideas. they end up convoluted and with too many sections.
i just cant bring myself to remove these ideas just because the song requires honing down… :(

i don’t believe it needs honing down at all! i get the impression that the tune breaks the mold because of so many changes, and this is what i like.

Sometimes clippy, but nevertheless gritty & good.