Don't You Ever Do This


After viewing a hilarious video on youtube about Bas Rutten, my friend Nico got a great idea for a song.

We recorded the “speech” from the video and made a song out of it.

In short:
Dont you EVER do this!
Heel to the balls
Heel to the balls

Jørn Dufey & Nicolai Endsjø - Don’t you ever do this

eeeek, stick to rap ;).

beginning is good too, snare is too light, rest mmmh, could do better sensitively speaking.

oh man this is fantastic, f****ing lol my kickbox mates gonna love this.

youtube is a great source for samples.

It’s KMFDM Early 90s (actually better)! Especially at the end there.

fffuuunnn track - thanx for sharing.

omg great track. i don’t know what ‘sun’ is talking about, this is a high qual production. The mood is very clearly: agressive slighty towards insane in the brain.

thanks for sharing.

for someone so vocal about taste…ah never mind…why kill a good vibe?

hilarious track mate.

my mate has the dvd’s . im buying them (6 or so) $30AU

i reckon thats a wicked track btw.
its friggin hilarious and welllll done ey


Guess you gotta laugh at a dude like that, even if he does have homicidal tendencies. Whole thing is depressing. Music fits like a glove though.


Thanks alot for the replies!

Damn, wish I had the DVD’s too, I’ve seen some clips on youtube, and they’re just hilarious…

Bas Rutten has problems, no doubt, but he’s a funny guy so who cares.


Gonna check out the KMFDM and see what it’s all about!

“And I can stab his own knife here in the liver… Stab… in the liver…”


I think the song loses in momentum in the second part of the song from 3 to 4:20.
I´m not really fond of the pad it pulls the song down somewhat.
But still cool!

Send him the song…If you dare ;)

oh, he dares.