[Doofer] Bitcrush Highpass Filter with Optional Distortion

Only the first knob is intended to be automated and it controls the cutoff of the filter as well as the resonance and the rate and dry/wet of the lofimat and dry/wet and amount of distortion. It’s meant to be like a one knob effect thing. The other knobs turn various things on and off and control a built-in compressor. The distortion can be turned on and off and is set to Shift by default. It sounds best there.

When the Cutoff knob is at 0.0 nothing is being done to the sound except what a Chebyshev 8n with zero resonance does. So don’t use this on bass sounds unless you want to mess up the phase. I decided not to include “filter on/off” in the cutoff knob (which would solve this issue) because the click would make automation clunky. This works best for leads and such anyways.

Bitcrush-HP Filter.xrdp (9.2 KB)


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