Doofer-equivalent logical OR chain wrapper device

Sub-chain A is on/off when sub-chain B is off/on

A toggle would be presented, and sub-chains’ devices’ controls would be accessible to any outer Doofer.

This is fairly simple to do by yourself with a few meta devices automating on/off on two doofers simultaneously. Or is it mainly a GUI thing to you?

I think he meant a possibility to have different device chains for AB Doofer preset functionality?

I think it would be a quite cool way to test performance of different plugins that perform the same function, for example, compressors. By pressing A button in doofer one hears compressor 1, by pressing B the doofer flips to a different compressor.


It’s do-able with two separate fx commands for two separate Doofers, but it would be a neater solution to have it as a single meta-device.

That’s no problem by putting two doofers in a doofer with a hydra on the first level?

If you want them controllable from outside you will be restricted to something like 7 controllable parameters in total ‘from outside’.

This is kind of one of the main points with doofers. Making/sharing customized setups that wouldn’t justify a native feature.

Bingo! Thx. Didn’t know that Hydra can do that.

Whilst using the Hydra like this partially works, it doesn’t maintain state when scrolling back and forwards through a song.

I think you can do this whith the hidden formula device, don’t ask me how to use it though. :P

Whilst I’m on this, I’ve got a problem which I don’t know enough to know whether it’s a Doofer glitch or a lack in my Hydra foo:

I need to use a Key-tracker event to reset two different LFO’s, each inside a separate Doofer.

The LFOs’ Resets are both exposed and accessible to the Hydra I’ve setup for the purpose. One needs to be reset to 0, and the other 75%.

If I manually set a Doofer’s dial to a different value I can see it being set to where I want it to be, and the LFO is reset to that arbitrary value.

However when the Key-tracker event changes the Doofer’s value, the Doofer’s knob is changed, but the LFO doesn’t reset to the new value on the first event, or at all on subsequent events.

.xrnt attached.