Doofer thread

I haven’t messed with the doofer much yet, but I’m particularly interested in seeing what the doofer can do that a vanilla effect chain can’t. Anyone do anything truly amazing with it yet?

I´ll give you example what doofer can do and older devices couldnt. Make 4band eq where adding gain will also lower Q f.e. :)

If I had some time I’d make some pretty insane things with the Doofer. I really like the idea! It’s a step up from the Hydra concept. I’m with Byte, I think there could be a lot of mind-blowing ideas pooled here. I might post some ideas when I get some time, say around hmmm… 2025? :blink:

First of all… Making the vanilla chain effect more usable, by giving a name to it / hiding it / playing with it with a simple slider ! It’s a cleaner and more user-friendly version of the hydra device according to me. And it’s awesome.

Allowing to make several parameters from an effect plugin automatable with pattern effect commands that would otherwise not be reachable because the parameters outrun the amount of available letters. (it works a little bit less ackward than abusing a hydra for it)
That is if you swear by effect commands and don’t want to automate them instead.

I percieve the doofer as an interface/workflow improver. It is also a ‘platform’ for better sharing of effect chains. Very good even though it doesn’t add anything that wasn’t possible before (but more tedious).

Putting the doofer presets in the DSP list is an excellent move as well. I imagine that presets like these can be studied by beginners and help lowering the threshold when learning how to handle DSP chains.

I’m hoping for a wet/dry slider to fulfill its task even better :)

Ok I had a moment to play around with The Doofer. See XRNS here:

I feel impressed that using the new Instrument possibilities (including Phrases) with just two samples it is possible to make this much interesting ‘sound’. I imagine people with more time and patience could really take sound-design to uncharted territories. I can see myself using it for making very odd percussion sounds.

Thumbs up!

Edit: Forgot to mention that in the XRNS you can see the Doofer in action by going to the Master Channel FX and manipulating the four macro knobs. I’ve added two XY devices there for fun as well.

I present the Renoise community with: The “Pipe Organ” filter! … modeled after what I always thought a comb filter was. Doofers are fun :)

WARNING: cranking the Q setting results in insanely high levels. Like, crazy-high. I haven’t managed to figure out how to compensate for this in a sane way yet.

Put a limiter after it?

That’s not the sane solution. I want something that will adjust the gain negatively in direct correlation to the boost in volume resulting from wider Q values. Slapping a limiter on, a wider Q will result in lower input signals being much louder than they should be on output.

But a brickwall limiter is indeed a decent stopgap solution for the time being. I’m just not adding it directly to the doofer.