Dope Idea

Hello everyone!

Just joined this forum, been playing with the new demo of renoise, and am loving every ounce of it so far.
Well done devs ;) :yeah:

Had an idea about a cool feature that would be excellent for live jamming/ song sequencing:

If each pattern could be assigned a midi note value, so you could play them with the keyboard!

Let me break it down a bit if you’re not getting me:

for example, you have a track with 20 patterns.
Normally, you arange these patterns by stringing them together, in any order in the pattern sequencer.

Imagine if those patterns could be triggered using a midi keyboard (C4 = Pattern 1, C#4 = P2, D4 = P3 etc,)
then you could jam out your arangement on the fly.

I built a similar kind of sequencer thingy in MaxMSP a while back, and it was a lot of fun to jam on.

I wonder if something like this is possble already, any ideas??

The groovebox idea is a good one, no there isn’t anything like that in renoise right now.

Sounds cool. I give my vote for this one. :D

There is something like this already. You can render all the patterns into samples
and create multisample instrument out of them. (like a drumkit)
This trick would work nicely if there was an option that samples will play completely
until the next one starts playing. If you play accurate enough, this will work just fine. :lol:

Ps. Cause demo version doesn’t have render, you can use vst-recorder instead.
Rendering in renoise has option to render patterns and / or tracks into their own files,
so that helps a lot in this process…

Isn’t Ableton Live made specially for this?

You can do something like that with pattern playing and you replacing the note it plays. So if it wraps around it will start playing the sample you entered next. I have used this couple of times live.