Dopefish Is No More

After almost a decade I decided to change my nickname. First of all, I do not want to be “the 2nd dumbest creature” of the world and second I guess the combination with “Drugs” ain’t so good for a professional DJ-Career :)

So, whenever you see postings by Marc Shake, it’s the old Dopefish :)

So, Board Admins :) can anybody set my posts to my last number, please?

no, you have to start over :lol:

but dope doesent have to mean drugs automatically. you can be just very dope fish ;)

D’oh - nooo :(

I was so proud that I registered sooo long ago :(

PM an admin, they should help. They did it for Alex M Korn.

I tried that… Now I wait :)

later dopefish, hello marc shake! Why not Mark btw? I always feel like the c is not a valid end of a word; like disc, always preferred the disk. But either way hello MarcShake! :D

Hey, Dopey! :P I told you ages ago to contact the Kings of the Forum. I totally get the name change, only my reason would have been the popularity of the name.

so MARC SHAKE. What kind of music are you focusing on ?
sounds like a euro-tech name.

It’s Marc not Mark because my first name ist Marcel. And so Mark did not make sense to me :)

@Annide: You’re right. It’s euro-tech but also some commercial house and of course hardbass remains. But I am also trying to get more “demostylish” in the future.

:rolleyes: :drummer: :yeah:

So marc, you already have 5 posts… dont bother admins ;)

:D Well, ehm. Reaching the amount of posts I already had is truly a great task but on the other hand I do not want to be a spammer :)

ok ok. i wount pick on you :) i may want to change the name myself soon :rolleyes:

It’s a bit more complicated according to my calculations:

Dope Fish
Marc Shake

alphabetically that is:
+9-14+2+2 to get by the new letters for marc
+13-1-18+3 tp get to the new letters for shak leaving the ‘e’

if you set everything in positive then the outcome spells:

so it spells marc again with InBB in front of it,
this means: Intruder Bones & Body.
that indicates that Dope Fish is posessed by someone who does not count bones to the human body and with the given variable ‘e’ (which stand for evil) it points out that:

Dope Fish is posessed by the devil…or maybe a devil fish :blink:

Marc Shake is cheesy but on the other hand I think that there are far more people who call themselves DJ Dope or something like that. I know that “Dope” means “cool”… That is the 3rd Namechange in my history in the demo/trackerscene and so I guess that’s still in the range of usual.

First, I was called Pyro, afterwards I chose “TiMiD” and after that I called myself M.R.S and then Dope(Fish)

Yeah and my mum is Rosemary :)


As long as doesn’t say “It’s time to shake it with Marc Shake!!!” when he’s out playing he’ll be fine. :P


That would be …

Hmpf… I start to think that you guys definetely do not like this nickname :)

pah, if thats the name you have chosen and you like, then stick with it … ask me for my first years in the scene with that nickname :D and I can tell you I chose that one really carefully and I still love it.

No keep that name, it’s easy to remember Milk Shake!..or was it Marc shake?