Downloads section - Multiple Change Logs for multiple versions

When I update a download, I can give it a new version number and I can add a changelog for this version. This will nicely be shown one the download’s page. However, when I click on the “See full changelog” link, I expect to also see the changelogs of prior versions. Those, however, do not seem to be saved and the only information available to the user is the changelog of the very last version.

To be more precise, suppose I uploaded version 0.1.0.

Then, I upload a new version, change it to 0.2.0 and add “New feature X” in the changelog box.

Afterwards, I upload yet another version, change it to 0.3.0 and now I have two options:

a) I add “New feature Y” to the changelog box. This will results in “New feature X” showing up in the changelog for 0.3.0, which is incorrect.

b) I clear the changelog box and only add “New feature Y” in there. This will lead to the changelog for 0.3.0 showing only “New feature Y” and even when clicking on “See full changelog”, the changelog for 0.2.0 is not visible anymore.