Downsampling Midi Clock To External Hardware?

Greetings Renoise Crew!

Renoise is quickly becoming my primary sequencer, however… it is not my only sequencer.
I often fire up externals such as the ASR-10, MPC, 303 etc… these are in turn slaved to renoise.

So here is my issue…

I frequently double / quadruple my tempos in renoise.
I do not wish to double /quadruple the tempos in the outboard sequencers.

I am wondering if there is a way to downsample the outgoing midi sync so I would have the external gear running at, say… 150 while renoise itself runs at 300 / 600.

This would be extremely helpful to me as I am very used to sequencing external gear at reasonable tempos, while at the same time I love the idea of a completely frantic internal clock setting :)

Happy Sequencing


It depends, if you use Renoise at 300/600 bpm for the note integrity that you require, you’ld rather not want to sync your external gear to these tempos.
If you downtempo Renoise to 150 bpm then the tick commands will raise the action integrity if you desire or you could instead halve the speed (going from speed 6 to speed 3 or 2 equals raising Renoise bpm to 300 or 600)
Then you only need to toggle in this area:

if you have Renoise set as slave.

Thank you vV

I was just wondering if there was any other way to do that because I keep reading about how it is important to keep the tick setting at 6 or more in order to make sure you have plenty of speed for retrigger type effects etc…