Downtempo Track (noname)

two dutch producers…, we wanted to do something totally different in a sideproject.
I still have about 4 unfinished tracks of ours in my folder… this is the lesser one of the 3 that are finished…

sorry … I removed the link to the song… this sideproject became too serious for premature song posting.

ow here is a nice little eye catcher… has nothing to do with the song i posted… but its just me trying to hurt your eyes. B)

I can’t loose the flute because that is the reason part… and i dont know how reason works. <_<

Loose the flute? Why? Thought it was cool.

Kay, this has been up too long without comments… From start to finish:

Exellent intro, dig the way you use the voice/fx and introduce the beat. Thumbs up! The flute fits just like a stab should. If I can call it a stab.
2:00 nice breakdown, where did you get the voice? And the ambient-part that enters is also very enjoyable. I’d love to hear a chill only-version of this track. Nice outro.

thank you… not many people understand the purpose of the flute…

I’m with the flute too. It’s regulation chill underneath, but that flute spices the complexity a bit because it skews on the major-minor 3rd. That’s a truly twisted part of the interval set, and tension is much better than boring old keeping the scale.

Nice layered groove, and that poetry is cool too.

The picture of David… isn’t.

the vocals… looong boring poetry class

quality was kinda bad so it needed some work and slicing up to fit in the song.

that would be very hard for me to do, my music can not be more chilled. It always needs to be a power song of some kind. Well maybe if i mute the drums… but then you get psychadelic space poetry… how gay is that :rolleyes: