Drag And Drop Delay In Matrix As In Pattern Editor

It seems to be that the drag and drop delay setting is not applicable to the pattern-matrix?
I’m trying to encapsulate the p-matrix in my workflow, and found making a selection quite hard. It keeps dropping into drag and drop mode… :wacko:
If not already, maybe a good idea to make the ‘instant drag and drop’ setting applicable for all select/d’n’d combinations?

maybe a bug? :P

Actually I thought about trashing those options for the pattern editor, because I hoped people finally got used to the default behavior.
Makes sense to apply them to both the matrix and the pattern editor though, as long as the options are still there…

Options are always preferable to trashing IMO. Why fix (or trash) something that ain’t broken?

(I’m one of the users who have the delay drag and drop option for the pattern editor enabled. Can’t stand the default behaviour.)

I don’t know, but I can’t get it to do selecting when I need it :shame: I would prefer a buttondown like ctrl, to enforce the d’n’d …leaving the mouse just do selecting (or having the option ;))