Drag And Drop


I am curious about the new drag and drop of external files mentioned in the features list. Im using windows and I have tried dragging wav files from windows file system, from soundforge and from reaper, to instrument list, to sample list, and to the sample editor without success. How is this drag and drop supposed to work?

I don’t think it should work between two different applications.
It does work from windows, If you open a window with samples (that are known to renoise) and you drag them to renoise, they will go into the selected sample slot (for dragging mp3’s you have to install quicktime or quicktime alternative) this also works with songs, device chains and so on.

Thanks for helping out.

What do you mean by open a window of samples? I tried choosing a sample slot in renoise then dragging a wave file from windows explorer to renoise icon in activity bar which gives me an error message. Also tried dragging it down to renoise icon, waiting for a while which refocuses renoise, then dragging to sample slot which just gives me a crossed ring mouse cursor.

Renoise 2.0 introduces clipboard support for Windows users. You should be able to copy (CTRL-C) and paste (CTRL-V) between sampler applications that work with the windows clipboard.

As for D&D, you probably have to drag files into the Renoise window itself. Dunno why it isn’t working for you? It should.

Ok, I have figured out what was wrong now. You need to have the instrument box, or sample editor selected to be able to paste samples. Works great with soundforge and copy paste. Drag and drop still dosent work, but for me thats ok, if I want to get samples from soundforge its easier too copy paste anyway.

Anyway this is great for quick editing of samples in external editors, no more save sample then reload.

Dragging samples or instruments onto the Renoise window from the explorer creates a new instrument slot for each sample / instrument.

There is currently no way to drag and drop multiple samples into one instrument. (in the sample slot area)

Also in Linux drag and drop does not work. Copy/paste samples between application through the system clipboard only works on Windows.

Im just trying to drag and drop one wave file. Im using windows xp and renoise 2 b2. If this is supposed to work, could you give me an exact description of how to do it?

If you open a Windows Explorer, browse to a sample folder and drag wave-samples anywhere in the Renoise window, Renoise should create an instrument on the current instrument slot. (This also means that if there is an instrument currently set, you will loose it because the Windows API does not seem to let an application figure out things before it has to handle them)
But if that alone does not work, there must be something not correctly set in your configuration.
But i have currently no idea which XP setting could affect this behavior.

At least i can drag and drop in my own Windows configuration.