Drag & Drop When Track Dsps Expanded With More

In 2.7 Beta 5, I can:

  • Drag and drop multiple samples from the disk browser into the Instrument Settings Tab.
  • Drag & drop from the Finder.
  • Various other drag & drop stuff.

All great! Totally awesome, of course. But, with all these cool d&d actions now in place it’s hard to believe it’s not technically feasible to drag & drop from an expanded FX list?

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Select Track DSPs tab
  2. Select Mixer Tab
  3. Drag FX to Mixer
  4. Click [More] on Track DSPs list
  5. Drag FX to Mixer

Expected: Ability to drag & drop like in step 3.
Actual: Nothing happens.

Repeat for DSP chain.

Also criticized this behaviour when the “more feature” was introduced. I think one small problem is, that with a hidden pattern matrix you can’t really reach the first track as target that easy. This could be solved by hiding the expanded effects list when the drag operation is out of the effect list subwindow. It would be somewhat consistent with the double clicking behaviour, where the list minimizes itself too.

yeah it would be cool if renoise would support “full” drag n drop like studio one does:)

@Conner_Bw: you’re right, it is strange. another thing i find strange (albeit a bit less) is that it is possible to select (using the Ctrl-key) multiple DSP fx from the (expanded and unexpanded) list, it is not possible to drop them all in the fx chain as well. so, why can you select them, and why can you not use them for their intended purpose?