Dragging Multiple Keyzones - Transform Handles Are Lame

I want to select all keyzones and drag them down.

One keyzone selected:

Shift selected far right keyzone to select all keyzones:

I can scale all keyzones but why is the transform handle still only on the first originally selected keyzone?

Shouldn’t it look like this:

I understand that only one keyzone can truly be “selected” for editing within renoise but the additional selected slices in step 2 above are a different shade of green than the first selected slice. I still would know which is the “selected keyzone” if the transform handles were updated to enclose the entire selection.

Edited the title and post for clarity. Am I missing something as to why shift selecting keyzones gives such nontraditional visual feedback to indicate what is selected? Those little white squares are traditionally called transform handles, they should be giving a visual cue as to the grouping that will be scaled when one of the handles is dragged.

Your perception is perfectly logical.
It won’t go by unnoticed :)