Dragging samples from diskop to instrument editor moves cursor

Haven’t noticed this quirk in previous beta’s, but dragging samples from the diskop to the sample list in the instrument editor on a second screen moves the cursor in the pattern editor while dragging (windows vista 32 bit).

This is irritating when you’re looking for samples, wanting to pre-hear them on a particular track, after dragging, constantly have to tab back to the correct track because the cursor moved.

Maybe the cursor can be locked whenever you’re dragging stuff from the diskop?

Is the detached instrument editor on the left of your main screen?

This should only happen when you hover the sample over the pattern editor, then move cursor away from the pattern editor again.
You can drag and drop samples into the pattern editor too. This is why it’s scrolling.


ah, I see. I’ll make sure to avoid the editor-area next time.