I’ve got these tracks online for some time anyway, so I thought I’d share them with my favorite forum for
whoever’s interested in this sort of thing: pretentious classical music versus obnoxious breakbeats and
basslines, this time not produced on shitty speakers! Wow! Really? Yes!

Drastic Measures:



I would like to ask you, however, to keep these tracks for your own listening pleasure only.
These tracks are going to see vinyl under their ass somewhere this year or early 2009, so hey…
Please show a little caution by not sharing them on soulseek or whatever… Thanks in advance!

Enjoy :)

Always liked your work …had a twist/character of its own …but I am not sure what to think about this one …maybe I am a bit prejudiced after listening to v snares his approach to classical (bartok sampling) and breakbeat marriage …nevertheless I love the details in the drumprogramming . etc …

thanks for the feedback!

I’m not Venetian Snares ofcourse and I couldn’t be bothered with
his approach to combining classical instrumentation with beatwork.
All I can say is that I didn’t steal melodies from Elgar or Bartok for my music ;)

New BotB means good news. I’ll give you some feedback once I’ve heard the song.

Enjoy, there are three :D

excellent, will check it.


Truely Awesome! :panic: