Draw Sample Dropdown Menu

I know the feature is new, and fun. but it needs a dropdown menu for selecting common wave shapes.

a menu has a list of common shapes (e.g. sine, square, saw)

my hand is only steady enough for square

Yeah, new features always generate more suggestions… creativity feeds creativity I guess.

How about a way to import/enter algorithms for wave creation. I saw this presentation in Transmediale festival, Berlin by Jessica Rylan, where she used Matlab to generate all kinds of interesting wave forms. Principles which was demonstrated on the Little Boy Blue synth which she has designed: http://www.flowerelectronics.com/Standard.html

I suggest you to use another tool, like Audacity (free software). It has a menu option dedicated to waveforms called “Tone generator”; you only have to tell it the type of wave, the frequency in Hz, the amplitud of the sound and the lenght in seconds. It creates a wave that you can save and use it as a sample.

Yes, I know, it is another tool, but it works

open Audacity, use its tone generator, then load the newly created wav in Renoise. The draw function has been created for something else than tone generation.

Actually, my idea would make more sense if there was a tone generator in Renoise, calculating the algorithms realtime… But that is asking way to much, and quite low on my priority list.

You can filter any wave down to a sinewave.

Put a (very) low pass in your DSP effects, and click the FX button after you draw a square wave (or even a rugged sinewave). Maybe a couple times to smooth it right down.

You can even do an (almost) proper saw wave by hand. Take the steepest slope of a sinewave and crop the sample to that:

¯.-’‘¯¯’’-.¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ .-’‘¯¯’’|-. ¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
_________-…,,…-______ | __-.|.,,…-`

Set loop points to the start and end. The tighter the selection, the more like a true straight line your waveform. So this is best performed on a very low frequency sine.

Cool, but hassle.

check out > http://www.galbanum.com/products/architecture-universal/

$30 for over 1,800 meticulously designed wavetables. check the details out, see if it compliments your Renoise needs

I have no problems loading it in Renoise_190_&_191 but cannot open it in Peak LE 5.2

Upon loading it, I have to use a tuner (Guitar Rig 2) to tune the one shot waveform sample to its basenote
read the galbanum manual for details about the waveform
basically base note (F-1) and fine tune (+23)

Another way is micro editing any sample down to a simple waveform & tuning it to your liking

edit: if you plan on using galbanum wavetables, be wary of dangerous looking high frequency waveforms > make sure the volume is low, HF waveforms equates to accidentally pushing the resonance all the way up, causing that needle piercing soundwave > that shit ƒuck!n hurts

erm, yeah, or you just draw everything at maximum amplitude and then do “fade out” or “fade in” :stuck_out_tongue:
(as described here)

also proper geeks just use csound