Drawing Neater Waveforms

i find it hard to draw waveform (shaky hands). it would be neat if you could draw a sample by connect-the-dots method. like in a paint program, you click one spot, and you see a transparent line and you click somewhere else and it makes a line between the two.

even better …bezier curves …HMMMMM jummie

+1 for bezier curves!

  • one for the whole idea.

Wouldnt it be possible to export/import into a paintprogram? Draw 2 color images?

Though I don’t think it should be high on the todolist.

Quite to the contrary, I think all the envelopes editors and the sample editor should be unified and enhanced muchly.

So for example, if it is decided that one should be able to create a sine automation curve or a sine sample - just add it to the envelope editor class, and it’d be available for automation, instrument envelopes, sample editor, custom LFO envelopes automagically. Of course it would require quite some preparation (and heavy thinking to make it really worthwhile and powerful), but after that it would actually save work I guess… but note that I’m kinda talking out of my ass since I don’t know anything about Renoise internally.

LOVE this idea

Been asking for this for automation envelopes since the day I started using this program.

I like the idea of all curves/waveforms being available everywhere you need a waveform or envelope.