Dream Diagrams One

Smargaid Maerd - an album by mr_mark_dollin.

I’ve gone
Slipped down that hole
I’m never coming back
Driving deeper
Caught the corner of reality
Got a firm grip
Held on tight
Pulled it all with me
Dragging it all down
Spearing downward

That looks great. How long did it take?

Hey John338, thanks for your feedback and question. Seeing that I wrote the album almost 10 years ago it’s hard to remember just how long it took. Probably about 9 months of fiddling with ideas on and off. Most of these songs were truly effortless for me - I was just following intuition and focusing on the “space” of each piece. This contrasts to other projects where I have put much larger amounts of time into things like carefully building narratives, rehearsing complex musical parts and recording them, and fussing deeply over sonic balance. A dream diagram has gotta be quick: the more we labour over dreams the more they slip out of our grasp.

The remastering took about 6-7 hours over one week. A lot of care went into getting the analogue saturation just right.