Drive Buttons In The Disk Browser

now that you can use CTRL+left to collpase directories, and now that there is no more a shortcut to select the drives directly via keyboard, wouldn’t it be better to:

  1. remove the device buttons ("[A:]" “[C:]”, …)
  2. show all devices into the disk browser together, so that one can explore all the devices using a coherent set of shortcuts?

I even more liked the CTRL+ALT+[Driveletter] combi, cause it makes switching from C: to Q: and H: again very fast and simple, without having to scroll through lists.
Besides, most of us are used to that, since it’s a keyboard shortcut from the ‘old’ version… (oh i’m sorry to use that word)…

oh, I forgot it: the CTRL+left/up/down shortcuts would be even more useful if valid on the right side of the diskbrowser too

Bytheway: Is it normal that ctrl+escape expands my start-menu? It DOESN’T do a panic, as it is supposed to.

Yep. This is the alternate shortcut for people who do not have a Windows key on their keyboard. It’s been around for years now.

some shorctus are “local”, in the sense that they work only if the application focus is on certain parts of the screen (f.e.: CTRL+F4 copies the pattern only when the pattern editor is focused)

As a side note, one behaviour I miss from renoise that existed in previous trackers was remembering which folder was last open on which drive… BUT this would not be as important if there was a way to keep track of favorite folders or something… and, although I’m not suggesting a sample library panel ala modplug, it may be something to discuss

You don’t consider the preset storage of four locations per option (song / sample / instrument /etc) enough?
If you can’t tug away your sample library in 4 different root-locations how large is your sample collection if i may ask?

Oh… my… god… never noticed that before… thanks vvois! :D You rule.

{{/me adding fool-proof text to the manual to make this more obvious}}

{{/me reading more than one section of the manual for once}}