Anybody know of any tracker apps for the android format? I’ve been looking for one for a bit and I’m surprised nobody ha adressed this problem yet. Somebody needa write that shiz!

Every work day for the past year I have taken the lightrail to work wishing I could get down the ideas that I come up with while I’m sitting on the train. I just want some way to do some mobile tracking. I got 2 DMG-01s but I really wanna do this on my DROID!

There’s rumours that someone is trying to port MilkyTracker to Android… but basically don’t hold your breath.

Currently, the best I can see is uLoops for Android. It’s not a tracker but you can compose on it.

Can you run FastTracker or IT through DosBox for Android? I don’t know what sort of support it has for sound etc., but it might be worth a shot.

Note that it requires a physical keyboard to run properly, but I expect your Android device has one, or you’d have quite a bit of trouble trying to use MilkyTracker on it anyway.

I suppose I could run LSDJ on an emu on my phone. I also have a C64 emulator, but I don’t know the name of the music making program for it. And on that topic what is the name of the program people use for music on the Amiga?

I would love to see sunvox for android, maybe I should mail the dev about it…

Dooooo it plzzz!

Octamed? V4 was always my favourite…

Octamed! Ok cool. Thanks.

Can anybody point me in the direction of a rom?

Here is the first milkytracker port to android ; it seems to work quite well ( i’ve just tested it on my GalaxyTab ) :

have fun !


Thanks for the heads-up, checking it out now :)

I found milkytracker unusable on my defy. Just optimisation issues I’m sure as I remember running it happily on a pda.

SunVox (modular synth + tracker): https://market.android.com/details?id=nightradio.sunvox

Brilliant! Downloading now, Can’t wait to try it. Based on my experience of the Linux version this should be perfect for my mobile music needs :slight_smile:

I wonder how a tracker could be interfaced on the Android…