Droney Ambient Techno E.p.

Today proc-records.net released an ep i made called Weasel



You know what’s awesome?
I mean, besides Adam Sigmund’s music??
The fact that this is the second release we have
had from him in a matter of weeks!!
It used to be that we would only get music from
him on rare occasions, but now it seems
as if our prayers have been answered because I am
pleased to announce the newest EP from
the EXCEEDINGLY talented musician here at proc-records!!
On this new ep, we find Adam using his other operating
alias, “Origami Repetika”, a name which is itself
music to my ears!

Three tracks long, a runtime of nearly twelve minutes and a
bitrate of crystal-clear 320kbps mp3, these refreshing, somewhat
imperturbable pieces are admirable and
represent the calmer, more melodic and texturous
side of Adam, representing who he is, what he stands for,
and why we love him!
Never boring, never overbearing, this is
electronic music that nearly anyone can appreciate!
Calm enough for your grandparents to listen to
while they drink some tea and reminisce of days gone past,
yet strong enough for even the most hardcore electronic
music fanatics!
(and everything else in between).
Basically, this is an album for the people by one of
proc-records favorite people in the music scene.

Happy sunshiney beats custom-made for your enjoyment
on these progressivly colder days, Origami Repetika
has done it again…

download it for yourself and see why so many people
are turning to proc-records for their music